Always on AMOLED (AOA) app, screenshot 1
Always on AMOLED (AOA) app, screenshot 2
Always on AMOLED (AOA) app, screenshot 3
Always on AMOLED (AOA) app, screenshot 4
Always on AMOLED (AOA) app, screenshot 5
Always on AMOLED (AOA) app, screenshot 6

Always on AMOLED MOD APK (AOA) is a unique app which provides you with information about your notifications with edge lighting, clock, date, current weather, music control and much more right on your screen without having to touch your phone or tablet.

Unique features:

  • Battery status display;
  • Multiple screen orientations;
  • Calendar view with events;
  • Root (Superuser) compatible;
  • Edge Lighting with custom colors and styles;
  • Fingerprint, and biometeric unlock;
  • SMS message reply;
  • Notch support;
  • Sketch pad to take notes, or draw on the go;
  • Compatible with all screens such as amoled, oled, lcd;
  • Curved edge option for square displays;
  • Notification with badge count;
  • Glance Display which activates only on notifications;
  • Time Rules for custom start/end times;
  • Interactive notifications with action buttons; Swipe left to dismiss, right to hide;
  • Many clocks such as animated, analog, or digital;
  • Screen brightness control;
  • HD Backgrounds;
  • Launcher shortcuts such as calendar, flashlight, camera, calculator;
  • Fully customizable with many settings; Set colors, icons, fonts, text size;
  • Automatic rules for better battery life;
  • Auto movement to prevent AMOLED burn-in;
  • Pocket mode option;
  • Memo option with sticky notes.
Android 5.0 and up
What's new
  • Fixed backup and restore;
  • Other bug fix’s and improvements.

Always on AMOLED (AOA) unlocked MOD APK for Android

Download MOD Pro unlocked, v5.7.1
Download filealways-on-amoled-pro-v5.7.1.apk21 MB