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EPIK MOD APK contains professional editing tools and powerful AI technology to easily and conveniently edit photos and videos.

  • Improve clarity and resolution! Create high-quality photos;
  • Perfect your skin by AI correcting blemishes;
  • Smart AI cutout: Carefully separate figures, objects, and even animals;
  • Remove: Easily remove unwanted parts;
  • AI filter: Create your own characters in different styles;
  • Hairstyle and Expression: Create a new look;
  • HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Selective: Precise color adjustments;
  • Lux, Texture, Grain, Brilliance, Vignette: Create different moods;
  • Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective, Adjust resolution: Set the composition you want;
  • Batch: Edit multiple photos at once;
  • Style, Paint, Fine tune: Stylish makeup perfect for your face;
  • Body, Length: Take perfect full-body photos! Create the body you want;
  • Hair Color, Hairstyle: Transform with different hairstyles;
  • Filters, Effects, Relight: Create a trendy feel;
  • Stickers, Text, Paint, Draw shapes: Make your photos more unique;
  • Video mosaic: Easy mosaics with automatic figure tracking;
  • Retro Clip: Create vintage videos easily;
  • … and more!
Android 8.0 and up
What's new
  • [Video Face Edit] Naturally edit faces in videos;
  • [Body] New Neck, Arms, Chest, and 90-degree features have been added;
  • [DSLR] Make figures stand out with the out-of-focus bokeh effect;
  • [Hair Volume] Easily add more volume to your hair;
  • [AI Hair] Try out the new variety of hair content;
  • [Auto Skin] Cleanse, Cool Down, Fix Tone, Fix Shadow, Anti Glare, and Structure features have been added;
  • [Style] Decorate with style using Stroke, Shadows, and Add color.

EPIK unlocked MOD APK for Android

Download MOD Pro unlocked, v4.3.2
Download fileepik-pro-v4.3.2.apk193 MB