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Money Lover MOD APK is a must have app for personal financial management. Track your expenditures, monitor your transactions, create your monthly budget, push yourself in saving money, and much more.

The first step to manage money is to keep track on your spending. Add your transactions on this tab so you can track where your money goes. View monthly transactions from previous month or you can add transactions that will occur in the future.

Link your bank account to your Money Lover Wallet. This feature allows us to track your transaction history automatically so you don’t have to manually input them to Money Lover app. This service is available globally for Paypal account holder. It is also available for account holder of major banks in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, HongKong, Japan/ Taiwan.

In our Financial Planning tab, we provide features to help you create monthly budget, managing financial for special events, adding recurring transactions and bills.

View your balance for every month, income and expenses, debts, loans, and others. You can view the report in several ways: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, All, or Custom.

Export transactions to CSV, Excel.

Android 8.1 and up
What's new

The long-awaited feature of exporting data to Google Sheets has now been officially released.

Money Lover unlocked MOD APK for Android

Download MOD Premium unlocked, v8.4.1.1
Download filemoney-lover-premium-v8.4.1.1.apk60 MB