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SoundHound MOD APK makes it simple to discover music playing around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in your car, or anywhere else. Just open the app, hit the big orange button, and we’ll tell you exactly what song is playing!

All the songs and lyrics you discover will be kept in your own personal history, and you’ll have a Music Map to look up exactly where you heard that song you loved so much. You can also connect your Spotify account to build playlists, explore music across genres, and find new favorites — all with real-time lyrics.

Type in the lyrics or use voice search, and we’ll find the song for you! Say something like…
Hey SoundHound… Show me lyrics for Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Android OS
What's new

We’ve added the ability to add tags, such as the mood the song brought on when you were listening to it or even notes that you may want to remember. Maybe a great song came on at your best friend’s wedding, and a special moment happened that you don’t want to forget; now you can create the memory for a lifetime.

SoundHound unlocked MOD APK for Android

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